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2006 Chevy silverado totally customized

We took this truck and installed lambo doors, custom lighting, custom grill and headlights, custom wheels, with a full custom system and Viper alarm remote start.

custom grill and lambo doors chevy silverado 2005


Brought to you By highend car stereo

2007 Bentley GT speaker replacement








Customer came in with this beautiful Bentley GT with factory speaker noise.

He had speakers making a rattle noise at low levels.

We found it was the rear factory 5 1/4’s that were bad.

We replaced all his speakers with Hertz speakers. Customizing them in there factory locations.

For a better sound and stealth install. Which was thousands less then he would of paid at the dealer.

2007 Bentley GT speaker replacement

Brought to you by Highend car stereo