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  • Ray F.
  • Mullica Hill, Mullica Hill, Nj


Recently took my vintage 79 Triumph Spitfire to High End Stereo’s Williamstown N.J. shop. Was immediately greeted by Felix the store’s manager.  He and his technician did a diagnostic test to determine what needed to be done with a poorly working audio system. After hearing my situation he decided on a solution that would solve all my stereo/speaker problems and at a very reasonable price.  He came up with practical ways to save me money yet provide quality product. He did not try to oversell me or push high end products that would have been impractical for my tiny roadster. He even did the job on the spot in 1 1/2 hours, knowing that I could not leave the car there, as I had no secondary transportation.  By the way, one look at the facility and you know you are dealing with a top of the line company that values quality workmanship and customer satisfaction.  I am very pleased and plan on using High End Stereo for my car stereo needs.  They also have many customizing services besides car audio. Thanks guys! 5 stars!

Tony P.

Edward B



I have had the pleasure of being a customer of high End Car Stero for a little over 2yrs now. Their customer service has been consistently remarkable even during the very few misunderstanding that have occurred. Mr. Perez , Anthony, Carlos, Tom and Mark have become like family to me. This is a reflection upon their customer service, how they handle pressure, very good prices and overall the wonderful experience I have every time I visit.

I think they are a very good team that’s driven by the desire to satisfy the customer.  Great team, great service, great people, these things make a great company.



TLDR: Good service, helpful, know what they are doing. Straight forward with work needed and price.

I have been here a few times and they have always been solid. I am good at mechanical work but suck at electrical and always take my projects here. Ive had them do LED’s on my jeep, fix wiring for my trailer hitch, and stereo work, seems like they can handle anything.  Most recently I brought my Dodge Ram in to get my new stereo wired up. They did exactly what I asked and beyond. I also had an electrical problem from some other work I had done on the dash. It was a pain in the ass but they stuck to their agreed upon price and fixed my issue and even went above and beyond what I had asked. My system is working flawlessly now and they fixed some underlying issues.

These guys are pro’s. I really appreciated that they treated my muddy Jeep and my old truck the same as brand new custom car. Bring your vehicle here if you care about it.

Tony P.
9 months ago
I have nothing but praise for this place. I’ve had an aftermarket Borla cat-back exhaust installed and tinted my windows. In both cases, their work has been phenomenal. Great work and craftsmanship from these gentlemen as you can clearly tell that they greatly enjoy their line of work. Owner is very polite and explains cost and procedures each time. High recommended for anybody interested in aftermarket modifications!
a week ago
The owner Tony is a stand up guy! I had a radio and headlights installed recently in my Mercedes Benz R350. My car broke down in the parking lot and thought it was a result of the upgrade. Turned out that my fuel pump went bad. Tony worked with the dealership to resolve the problem-free of charge. The co- owner and head technician tripled checked entire car for hours, again free of charge.
2 weeks ago
I’ve had 2 vehicles worked on at this place. Everyone there was super informative and nice. On top of that the work they did on both cars was second to none. They even steered me in the right direction when I was gonna overspend on something I didn’t need. Truly a great experience and can’t wait to find something else for them to do for me!!!
2 weeks ago
They have the best Customer service and awesome personality. I worked with both Thomas and Felix last year when I got my auto start. The two of them are the best and all the staff very professional. I will keep referring them to my family and friends. Nice clean place and treat you like family when you come to the shop. Its been a year later and still the same happy guys when I call the shop.
a month ago
Awesome experience from beginning to end. Everything went well from the initial call to the install. I actually had to get a double din radio put in a commercial vehicle for my business. And these guys delivered.! Radio looks incredible in the dash of my truck. A unique job but these guys did it with precision and quality. Install took about 2.5 hours. Love my new unit and will come back for any modifications on any of my vehicles. Price was excellent,customer service was great, money well spent!!
3 weeks ago
Anthony along with his family and staff were fantastic. They treated my car as if it were their own. Anthony always answered my questions and concerns with honesty and knowledge. I had my 2010 Camaro SS done up in oracle lights. He made some suggestions that I never thought of doing. After thinking about it ,I called both my dealership and local audio dealer here in Delaware and they said Anthony’s idea “Could not be done, and wasn’t possible “. Well my boy Anthony got it done, and took care of business.It looks great!!!! Great job High End
2 months ago
Went on Monday 3/13/2017 and spoke with Anthony about installing a radio into my 2005 G35. Complete awesome experience. They had everything in stock and in a few hours later the product was installed hassle free. Great team there as well. I got a chance to look around their shop which is awesome they had a BMW i8 in the back which was a sight to see. Will definitely be back for some more mods on my vehicle and have already referred my boys to come there. I cannot explain how happy i am with the service I received. 10/10 guys, keep up the great work.
Cindy M


Couldn’t be happier!!! My old Honda Civic got broken into in FISHTOWN! Seriously! They ripped my car stereo out, leaving a mess behind. I had wires everywhere, non-working blinkers, pulled out smoke lighter (yes my car is that old, a bent frame to hold the stereo, and they cracked my plastic around the stereo that holds it in. WHAT A MESS!!

I called the shop and spoke with Anthony, explained what happened and what needed to be fixed. Asked for a general quote on work…he gave me a fare price…I told him If I came in I needed the work done that day…because I didn’t want to drive around with no blinkers. He said bring it in.

Brought it in, they looked at it…honored their phone quote…did the work that needed to be done. In my opinion went ABOVE AND BEYOND. They bent my frame back, and tried their best to fix the cracked plastic… work that I don’t feel that they HAD to do…nor did they necessarily get a good idea of what needed to be done just by our phone conversation… But they did it! They didn’t charge more…and I appreciated that.

I also appreciate that they didn’t try to push items on me that I didn’t need. They quoted me their base stereo model…and I asked for a slightly better one, then asked about an even better one ( I was getting into the stereo buying mood) and they honestly told me that I didn’t need a better one it wouldn’t do anything the one I picked couldn’t do. I like that they were honest and didn’t just let me spend unnecessary money.

They were very thorough after they installed it, they came out to my car and showed me all the different features and how to work it properly- a big help so I didn’t have to figure it all out at home.

The show room: Is very nice! Clean, lots of inventory, and a place where you don’t mind waiting for your car to get finished. Bonus! They are right down the St. from reading terminal and you can walk there to kill some time! I did! Also, make a right out of their door and there is an awesome Dominican restaurant to grab some food!

A+ experience, my husband will be back for his car stereo needs! THANK YOU GUYS for repairing my car stereo!!

albi arapaj Rating Review posted on
Feb 5, 2016
So I was looking to swap out my factory radio for my 2004 Volvo XC90. If you’ve ever owned one of these cars you will know that the cars internal system is very unorthodox. I was searching online for a place I could trust with this upgrade. I saw high-end stereo had really good reviews so I figured I’d give them a shot. I was greeted by professionals the second I walked in, very polite individuals. So they began installing my radio and different problems started occurring with the car. They were very patient and continued working on the car even after their closing hours to make sure everything was right. I eventually had to return for a second visit but needless to say the work was completed to perfection. I am very happy with the end result, and I would recommend this place to anyone looking to have work done on their car.
Caitlin Milletics Rating Review posted on
Mar 8, 2016
It’s only day 2 at the williamstown shop and I had the greatest experience. From the atmosphere to everyone who works there. (My salesman Tony) I went in for a whole car tint job. I was fit into the schedule right away. Great work and not expensive at all.. I’ll continue to send everyone your way!!
James Kamara Rating Review posted on
Jun 12, 2016
I just wanted to say this to all quality music freaks out there, this is the place u should get your car worked on. My 2015 challenger sxt sound so good that I can ask for more. Check it out and prove me wrong.
Btom sulpizio Rating Review posted on
Jun 29, 2016
I’ve been here on multiple occasions and each time I had excellent service. I had a few issues with my after market headlight and they resolved it for me very quickly. Even got a deal offered from the owners son which is very appreciative as a customer. I recommend this shop to take your car for any electronic installation you need or sound system and they will do as well.
Kamen Mandjarov Rating Review posted on
Aug 3, 2016

I have nothing but praise for this place. I’ve had an aftermarket Borla cat-back exhaust installed and tinted my windows. In both cases, their work has been phenomenal. Great work and craftsmanship from these gentlemen as you can clearly tell that they greatly enjoy their line of work. Owner is very polite and explains cost and procedures each time. High recommended for anybody interested in aftermarket modifications!

TREY,H Newyor,NY 6/24/16 Yelp

So you’ve finally decided to upgrade the factory system to something special.  Maybe you’re going for the 4k package – in which case – wow – congratulations!

I was going for the bargain basement package – installation of a new headunit that would have Bluetooth and just sound better than the factory install.  So, then I went around town and asked folks about prices, availability, and stuff.  And they were all somewhere between perfectly fine and grumpy and annoyed.  Wait, I’m trying to give YOU money and yet I’M the one who feels like I’m imposing?

I get it.  You *want* to penny pinch and you’re wondering if visiting ten places and getting ten quotes makes it all worth the imaginary savings.  NO.  It’s not worth it.  Seriously – come to High End first and save the time and effort.  It’s true – their prices aren’t as cheap as your friend from school who can hook you up in the parking lot of Wendy’s.  But, yes, they’re as price competitive as other shops around – even ones you would think would be cheaper.

So, like you, I discovered High End Vine Street through a Yelp search.  Like you, maybe, I read all of the reviews posted here.  And I thought, well, how bad could it be? But also, wow, how MUCH would it be?   I’ve already seen the alternatives – I just wanted High End to be somewhat decent, maybe even good.   I wanted to trust their work. And for them to be nice and professional and timely.

And High End isn’t just good – they were great – and I’m out some money but feel totally satisfied by the entire experience.   A clean shop, nice employees, took me without an appointment, kept in touch by phone, and had my semi-basic install done earlier than I expected!  I didn’t have any of the problems other folks did, and my install was theoretically something that maybe I could have done myself if I had like 3 days to kill and knew what the heck I was doing.

But I don’t know what I’m doing.  That’s why the experts get paid to do their thing.  And, now that it’s all said and done, High End has a car friend for life.

Thanks to Tom and the crew for a job well done!  Nobody likes paying to have car work done, but if I’m going to shell out money, I want to leave like I did today – feeling that it was all totally worth it.


albi arapaj
on Google
Feb 5, 2016
So I was looking to swap out my factory radio for my 2004 Volvo XC90. If you’ve ever owned one of these cars you will know that the cars internal system is very unorthodox. I was searching online for a place I could trust with this upgrade. I saw high-end stereo had really good reviews so I figured I’d give them a shot. I was greeted by professionals the second I walked in, very polite individuals. So they began installing my radio and different problems started occurring with the car. They were very patient and continued working on the car even after their closing hours to make sure everything was right. I eventually had to return for a second visit but needless to say the work was completed to perfection. I am very happy with the end result, and I would recommend this place to anyone looking to have work done on their car.

I have been to High End approximately three times now for three different jobs. Initially I had called High End about HID headlights. I have a 2008 Mercedes C300 and the OEM lights were so dim I had a very difficult time seeing the road especially in heavy rain. I was shopping around for prices in the nearby area and when I initially called in I spoke with Anthony (owner’s son), who said that he would give me a discount and get my HID’s for $220 and to mention his name when I arrived.  I said okay and still continued to shop around. I found other local places nearby and they quoted me about the same, however, about two weeks later, I didn’t want to wait any longer due to the heavy rain we kept getting because other places would need to order the parts and High End had it available and even though I called them the day I wanted to get the installation they were willing to have me come in and do the installation that day.

I arrived at High End, there was a cute girl in the front who does the invoices and the transactions, I was greeted right away and asked what I needed. I told the guy who came out (a man somewhere in his early 50’s) that I had spoken to Anthony two weeks prior and that he would do my HID’s for $220. No questions asked. Then Anthony came out to greet me and he was super nice. Although I had in my mind that I wanted HID’s assuming they were brighter, Anthony gave me alternative options. End result, I ended up paying a bit more and got LED’s instead. The reason for that was because LED’s last longer and he showed me the different light variations for HID’s over LED’s. He explained to me the pros/cons of having either or so I decided LED’s were better suited for me. Which I am super happy with! The installation was quick, took about 1 hour. Oh! I also got my front grill repaired too because I didn’t event realize until Anthony pointed it out but my front grill was hanging from the inside. They had to drop my bumper and repaired it for me (additional charge of course but saved me so much money rather than me going to a Mercedes dealer).

So during Christmas, I was driving to Trenton and there was a heavy rainstorm. Although I got my LED’s I still had a bit of a hard time seeing. I thought the LED’s were supposed to be bright so that I could see the roads more clearly. I was so confused because I feel like the improvement from the LED’s wasn’t much. I contacted High End right away and asked them what the cause could be. They told me to bring my car back at my earliest convenience and they would take a look and advise. I went back to High End and they recommended that I get HID fog lights. They advised me that it should help. The owner of High End himself installed the fog lights for me. After he did the front left side, he had me come to the back and showed me the brightness and explained to me that the fog lights are brighter because they don’t have a shield like the headlights. Also, the headlights and fog lights give off light in different angles of the road. After I got my fog light installation, I drove my car in dry/clear and wet conditions and they have been great!

My third visit to High End was for the very top part of my headlight. I can’t remember what the name of it was but there is another section on the top part of your headlight, it was a different color than my headlight and my fog lights and it looked a bit odd. So I went back and got those taken care of right away. Now, I love the way it looks and I can see the roads so clearly!

Facility/Staff: High end is very modern and the staff is incredibly nice. They are knowledgeable and really explain the products/installments very thoroughly to the customer.

Price: You get what you pay for. I have read other reviews and have shopped around myself. Trust me, I like to get the best bang for my buck. However, I have a German car, any German car owners will know that doing any type of work on a German car is almost always double the price due to the labor (it’s not as simple as working on a Honda). Also, you have to account for the location of where the business is. Obviously, if you go to a ghetto area the prices will be cheaper but will they do the job that you want? There are times to be cheap and times to not be and you should not be cheap with getting work done on a car that takes you from point A to point B because your life could be in danger! High End is technically in the city, so you need to account for that. They have expensive rent to pay too! Also, you’re paying for the convenience. Just like when you go to a nice restaurant in the city, sometimes the food sucks but you’re paying for the view/venue.

Billy Farber

Great service! Everyone who works here is extremely friendly and made waiting for my car a breeze. Will be back soon for much more work

Roxanne Garret

Great job! Great work! Great people! Great service!
Got everything I asked for…. they were able to the task! Go to High End!!!!!

Mike Boouch

Been going there 13 years 10 cars 50 k or more lol and if you could only see me now. Without high end I have no stereo with bass because all my cars are high end like Benz , BMW , etc so they only ones who can go all out on those cars without my car catching fire. We just installed 4 alternators in my custom 07 Lamborghini Tahoe !!!

Pablo Rivera

I’ve been going here for awhile now and there work and service is great a aways a pleasure.. be back soon have more stuff to do on my car..


Howie Horner

Best shop in philly to get your whip whipped. Anything from new lights to body and motor upgrades. Talk to Tony he is the manager and can handle all your needs.


Shonda T.

  • Augusta GA


I called and visited numerous stereo shops to upgrade my stereo. It was to no avail. When I called High End Stereo they were helpful from the start and reassured me that all things were possible. I must say, that High End increased my faith in customer service. This is a business whose motto should be customer service and quality production.  My stereo and remote start is excellent and they made me feel like part of the family while I waited. Best service I received in a long time. Thanks High End.

in the last week
The BEST experience I have ever had purchasing an aftermarket Radio Deck for my Jeep. That place is a family. I drove from the Bronx New York to have the work done there and they did not disappoint. The service was impeccable and they bend over backwards to make sure you leave happy with the experience. I am in the military and I very much appreciated the discount and appreciation for my 27 years in the NAVY. I will never bring my Jeep anywhere else.
Stormy B.
  • Stormy B.
  • Philadelphia, PA
  • 12/30/2014

    There isn’t much to say, but these ‘gentlemen’, as I refer to them, are much more than my PIMP MY RIDE location, they have become friends.
    What haven’t I had done to my 2013 Kia Soul, yes, a Kia, but U will NEVER c another like it. Installation from a stereo system, speakers, amplifier with a custom made box, remote starter, led colored lights, spider brake lights, fog lights, custom colored headliner, custom painted rain window guards, custom painted wind guard for sunroof, custom painted front grill, rims, tinted windows n custom colored dashboard, smart start Viper alarm w no remote needed n led interior lights- whew!! Don’t know if I missed anything, but I’m sure u get the idea.
    This is my go to place for ANY work I want done on my car, without a question.
    When a problem arises, such as my battery being drained, they ALWAYS tell me to bring my car in when I can n problem solved, usually no charge.
    I wouldn’t dare go anywhere else n if my Kia could talk, I’m sure ‘she’d’ say the same thing!!

Philadelphia, PA

I have used High End four times since moving to Philly.  They have installed my XM radio, an auto starter for my husband’s car, an auto starter for my car, and an after market rear defrost kit for my car.

For the after market defrost kit, I bought it and took it to my regular mechanic.  He told me it would take at least 5 hours, and he was not certain it could be done.  I decided to try to install it myself, but I couldn’t figure out the electrical.   I brought it to High End, and they installed the electrical into the car’s original defrost system (instead of the clip on one that came with the kit).  They ended up having to repair the defrost switch, and did that at no additional charge.  They charged me for 2 hours time, which struck me as very fair, and they warranted the performance, even though it was an after market product that they don’t sell.

They put a remote starter in my husband’s automatic car, and it worked great.  They then installed one in my stickshift.  The stickshift is a lot more expensive — but it was still less than when I had it done in Boston with a different car 10 years ago.  They checked my oil before they tested it, and realized I was low.  They added oil for me at no charge!

They always finish in the time they estimate.  I won’t go anywhere else in Philly for something that High End can do

Wilbert Gould 8/27/14 

I was at High End Car Audio today and my experience was on point. They were very professional and helpful. The price that was given to me days ago was the price I paid today and it was very reasonable for the excellent work they did. I called about a small issue I am having with the product and Anthony said bring it back in to have it resolved. He even hand delivered to me my daughter's jacket she left there days ago when we came over from Jersey. I will be a returning customer.


Joe Jenkins

2 months ago
Got a lot of work done on my 2010 Maxima, Great Prices and great customer service. This is my second car they have done all my work on and no complaints on either. Def continuing with them from here on out. Ask for Ant or Tom, they will def work with you and also give you other ideas so your car stands out amongst the rest!


in the last week


Anthony and his staff are not only professional, courteous and efficient but absolutely AWESOME!!!I first went to them for 2 key fobs about 2 weeks ago. I couldn’t believe the price. While there Anthony and I discussed prices of parts for my ’09 Saturn Vue. He told me if I ever needed a part to call him.
Today, my mechanic said I needed to get a headlight assembly because my headlight kept going out. When I spoke w/ Anthony, he told me to come in and let them check it out. After a few minutes, Anthony told me the housing was burned out and I didn’t need the assembly after all. They saved me a good bit of money between the two visits.
I highly recommend High End.


  • Hanover, MD
  • William D

I have been to this shop on multiple occasions. My first time was to have them install items I supplied being Plasma Glow lightning eyes on my headlights and Plasma Glow mud flaps with LED.  They looked great.  My second trip back I brought VOLT HID headlights for the main and fogs (shipped from Canada), LED strip lights under my car so that when I remotely open my car or open a door it lights up under my car, LED’s for my reverse lights and license plate, a sport/bull bar for the front of my car (which the under front they had to cut some out for the brackets), they adjusted some nerf/step bars I had previously installed at Pepboys that weren’t put on even, they had to re-install the Plasma Glow mud flap LED because they went bad (I didn’t purchase from them), and re-install Plasma Glow lightning eyes that went bad (again I didn’t buy from them).  Everything was installed great and looked great and the amount of money charged to install was reasonable.  About 3 months go by and my HID main right headlight is buzzing and then stays on even when I shut my car off…turns out relay switch (one I bought from Canada) was bad.  I brought it in and they fixed it with replacing with one of their relays. A week later the relay goes bad on main left headlight (again not theirs).  I bring it in and they replace with their relay.  About 2 weeks goes by and the left main HID headlight is out….ballast is bad.  This keeps going on for another month until I have all relays and ballasts except the ballast in right main headlight replaced with one of theirs.  I am in and out their shop at least 5 times with problems arising from the HID set I didn’t buy from them.  I now have a manufacturer defect in my left headlight with condensation.  GMC gave me a rash of ridiculous reasons why they wouldn’t cover it under warranty.  They resealed it for me.  But a couple weeks later condensation came back.  Problem they attempted to fix couldn’t be fixed…could only be solved with replacing the headlight.  So I decided to wait it out a little while to see if the condensation would go away.  It didn’t and during this time when I finally think problem is fixed on my HID’s….again my right main HID headlight goes out and my Plasma Glow lightning eyes go bad again (2nd bad set within 6 months but last set bought from them and covered under warranty so replaced free), and my Plasma Glow mud flap LED go bad yet again (2 sets and both it was the left each time and not bought from them).  So my left headlight had to be fixed there was too much condensation and of course all the other stuff…so they offered to find me a OEM headlight and give me cost when they did.  They found one and only charged me cost and no labor to put it in and also they fixed my main right HID headlight with a new ballast (Volt ballast from canada went bad), they replaced my lightning eyes but this time installed them inside/under my headlights and it should help and they look much better, they re-installed the Plasma Glow LED mud flaps (again I supplied them for the 3rd time).  Through all of my trips back and forth and me being frustrated (mostly not at them) they were always trying to help me and give me the best price.  Anthony helped me most of the time and he was always trying to help me out.  Tony (his father) had to get involved at the end because I was having so many issues with the 3rd party products I was bringing in and he would be very helpful in trying to explain to me the pitfalls of doing that.  2 bottom lines here…if you ever need any custom work done on your car get it done here…they don’t have customers drop off $200,000 cars for no reason…they do a great job and you can depend they will take good care of your car.  DON’T buy any 3rd party products and bring it to them to install…they will install it gladly don’t get me wrong…but buy it from them BECAUSE they back it up with their warranty and if anything goes wrong with it they are happy to fix the problem.  Take it from me who has had nothing but nightmare problems bringing in 3rd party products…BUY IT FROM THEM and HAVE THEM INSTALL IT.  It’s not worth trying to save a buck here or there.  Thanks so much for all your help and understanding ANTHONY & TONY & UNCLE (I’m so sorry but I’m going blank).  The 3 of you have been great to me and I will recommend you to anyone that needs custom work done.


Southampton, PA


Top shop in the tri-state area amazing service, professional installs and are very professional when it comes to the sales part also. They will work with you and do not pressure you into buying anything you don’t need like some shops I went to did and will work around the stuff you want and not what they think is right for the car which some shops I went to did. They put us(the customers) first and will only suggest what we should do to improve on our ideas.

Also they get the work done on time most of the work they do is done in only one day they worked with me when I came into add to my system also suggested a few Ideas that I didn’t even think of and am going to go back to add. Like I said they didn’t try to pressure me to buy it that day or to rush me into getting it done ASAP.

I highly recommend high end vine street stereo!!

Louis B

So yes.  It’s not the cheapest auto radio place around.  But it is undoubtedly about the best place around to get your vehicle’s sound, safety, audio or navigation system worked on by accomplished experts.  I still shudder when I think of my Jeep’s audio system installation way back in Alexandria, VA by a supposedly reputable shop that left a gauged-up interior trim.  So I wanted work on my brand new Subaru performed by the best, the absolute best, and I was ready to pay for it.  I came to High End Vine Stereo and I didn’t regret it.

The work I needed to do was to hack a potentially unsafe feature that comes in with factory-installed radio/Nav system in all new Subarus.  They were knowledgeable, efficient and courteous.  The work was performed spotlessly and quickly.  I was absolutely pleased.  I will be back for the installation of other systems in my new “baby”….

Andrew S

Their service five years ago was excellent, speedy, and inexpensive. I called today for advice on a DIY update on the same project on my car. Not only did Anthony Jr.remember me, but he explained step by step how to fix it by myself, which I did, easily. I highly recommend this company

Garret K

They are amazing over there I brought my jeep in and they took care of everything I needed and more highly recommend I will bring every new car there in the future Love this place

A Google User
I was having problems with my car alarm, so I took it to High End because of the positive reviews I read. Now, I am writing one myself. The guys at High End were up front and honest, and took me back to the garage to show me what was wrong with my system. Then they explained all the options I had. I highly recommend them! LL

Kelly R
7 months ago-
I went in with what I thought was a broken speakers (I do not know much about cars mind you). They realized that I didn’t know much about cars and kept everything as clear as possible and I understood everything. They assessed me as needing a new radio system and were correct. They priced my new system (the exact one I wanted with all the functions) at same price as Best Buy and other national stores and also installed for the same ($60). They hooked up everything then and there and kept me abreast of all updates on my car. Even when it was done, the manager helped me with a squeaking belt in the engine just because they love cars and seeing them run well (my car is 9 years old and I’ve kept it in great condition). I recommend them and will return next time I have problems with my system or if I would like to upgrade anything on my car.

Michael Stevenson
a month ago-
Professional and knowledgeable group of guys. Did not know much about what I wanted, but they helped me figure out exactly what I was looking for, without feeling pressured or like they were trying to push for than I wanted. Also very reasonably priced. My system is off the chain!

Jacqueline Monique…

I went to High End to get my windows tinted. I heard of them through word of mouth and read about their great reputation. These guys are highly professional and very nice. The establishment looks professional. The tint turned out PERFECT, no bubbles or wrinkles. It was totally seamless. They gave me advice regarding tint by showing me real life examples of tinting options and giving me instructions on what to do after the tint is placed. The process took approximately two hours, which means that they took their time to make sure my tint was exceptional, and it is. I would recommend this place to anyone who wants to customize their vehicle.


Melody W…

I had a really amazing experience with High End Car Stereo.

After quite a bit of researching and calling around to a number of shops (many of which promised to call me back with info, but never did), I got to talk to Anthony from High End about installing an auxiliary input in my X5, so I can play music from my Android.

Anthony was very friendly and patient as he explained the process and pricing to me, never assuming that because I’m a woman, I’d be unfamiliar with the technical components of the job detail.

The long and short: After talking with Anthony on a Monday or Tuesday, I dropped my car off that Friday, and within just a couple of hours of the shop opening, I got the call that my car was done!

While I was reluctant to go through with it at first, the $150 price tag for PROFESSIONAL installation (I’d purchased my own part online) proved totally, absolutely worth it.

I don’t care what they say on You Tube, hyping you up about how ‘easily’ you can do this kind of stuff yourself, I know that things would NEVER have turned out so beautifully without the skill of the High End guys.

My car looked like it hadn’t even been touched — just a tiny input jack, neatly installed discretely in my center console ashtray. Love it. Those glove box installs are for suckers!

Icing on the cake: High End provides a warranty on the work AND free parking to customers on the day of service. That’s a major win, here in Center City.

Nothing but positive things to say from me. I’d definitely recommend High End, if you want car audio work that’s expertly done.

Very professional, very large selection…

Ian Machan…

Very professional, very large selection, If you want it they have it or can get it with in a day or so. Anthony is very professional and friendly and is an honest guy, family owned and operated. These bad reviews are probably their competition. I went here purely by luck as i passed by it. I was looking for certain LEDs. Anthony sold me what he had for my car and ordered the rest and they came in 2 days. I live in NJ and will cross the bridge just to use these guys. Great tint shop as well. Coolest and latest in automotive alarms. Thanks again!!!

If you love your car…this is the place to go

John D…

If you love your car and you want the best subject matter experts working on it, this is the place to go. These guys have done extensive work on my Porsche and it was all done flawlessly. They treat their customer’s cars as if they are their own – they are perfectionists.. They understand customer service and when they say your car will be done on a certain date for a certain price, they deliver – every time! From a brand new head end unit to painting and powdercoating to putting a new cabriolet roof on they have transformed my car. I would highly recommend Tony and his team!.

Ron Rizzardi, Pine Grove, Pa…

I recently purchased a set of Hertz High Energy 165xl components from you. I have them run active off of a pioneer stage 4 dex p99rs reciever, crossed at 63hz and 2500hz, 36db slope, and a Soundstream reference 4.920 amp giving them about 145 watts I had to write to tell you how truly amazing these speakers sound. I am extremely impressed. I have been through many different brands of component speakers, from Infinity Kappas, Polk Momos, MbQuarts, and most recently DLS iridiums, and none compared to the sound of the Hertz set. They have ridiculous bottom end for a 6 1/2″ woofer, tight in the middle, and the tweeters are smooth as silk. Hats off to you guys for dealing such a fantastic product. I’m off to Daytona for Spring break nationals in march with the 370z. I cant wait for the judges to give them a listen! Thanks again, guys.

Andrew Kruc, Philadelphia, PA…

This is Andrew. I recently purchased a JL sub for my Nissan Altima, and all I can say is WOW! After Tom tweaked the amp and I messed around with the factory EQ, the sound is just incredible now! This sub is so diverse. I love how certain low notes shake the car when listening to ‘Top 40’, but can still enjoy the unmistakeable recording quality of Motown tracks that do not require overpowering bass. I am more than happy with the finished product, and will return to High End when I decide to upgrade something else in my cars – present and future. Thanks again Anthony and Tom!

Kellie C. M…

Do you love your car like Paris HIlton?

My boyfriend, Jon, is such a person. He drives an early 90s BMW and its an understatement to say that its his baby. He’s spent countless time and money on detailing this car, not for show or for resale value (is there such a thing for a car?), but for pleasure. The trim is important, which front grill to upgrade to is a source of great debate and the rims.OMG! The next purchase of rims will keep a loving smile on his face for weeks. Nobody’s even allowed to eat in this car…. So, the place he takes this car (i.e. his best friend) for upkeep and installation is as important a decision as which doctor should do your heart surgery. Jon takes his baby to High End Stereo. I rolled my eyes at first. I’m a girl. Even Though I can appreciate loving your car outfit it with the best and cleverest gizmos, the nightmare i get is of me picking up my own car one day to find it bouncing on hydraulics with too-big tires and a subwoofer that makes it impossible for me to hear myself think! I’d rather be watching “What Not To Wear”. But then I accompanied him to High End to drop his ride off for another installation and I was very impressed. I think this place is the world’s last bastion of good customer service. Jon’s gotten his current rims, his remote-start alarm system, interior speakers, amplifiers, amplifiers, a new high-voltage battery, Xenon high-intensity headlights, and a new headunit with DVD flip-out screen from High End Stereo. The owner Mike and his brother Tom run this outfit and for the most part, its a family affair. Most guys managing, scheduling and doing installations are their relatives. Tom, who’s the warmest and the most “out front” with customers, is always smiling and joking around. He’d work around the clock if he had to, he’s even said it. Someone even called a few days after Jon’s last service to find out how everything was and if he was having any problems! Oh, and this is the place Bernard Hopkins takes his car to for major auto “pimpage.” I’m letting my boyfriend talk me into some “upgrades” for my car; new speakers, rims….I guess its only fair my car looks as good as I do. I’m taking it to High End!

The only place i trust…mmv215

I first became aware of Highend from the previous owner of my car; its alarm system was originally installed there. This past summer I finally decided to take the leap and get a new audio reciever installed; being a female I am very picky by nature. With the help of the salesman/owner I decided to go with an Alpine receiver that had a built in bluetooth, as well as inputs for mp3 and Ipod’s. When it comes to decissions like this, I am a perfectionist… and i truely had no complaints. The guys there worked together on my car being that the previous owner of the car had mangled the wiring behind the dash. The staff are all courteous and helpful. I truely recommend anyone looking to have audio and/or alarm installations done to visit Highend; you will not be disappointed, I know I’m not… will be getting my remote start done next month!


These Guys are Perfectionists!…ChrisM5

Went to High End Stereo to have a radar system with a laser defuser installed. I was uneasy turning the keys over to my first luxury car that had less than 100 miles on it. After talking to the guys for a few minutes, it was obvious that these guys are pros who take their work very seriously.

They had to remove both front and back bumper to install this stealth radar system. the job was treated as if it were their own car. About six months later, I wanted them to make some adjustements that were within warranty and expected to have some difficulty and a big bill for labor. I was impressed with their flexibility and commitment to their warranty. They completed the adjustements that day and everything was covered.

I highlhy recommend these guys whether you’re bringing in your 2001 Honda Accord or your 2009 Lamborghini.

This is the Place To Go !!!!…npeterson0717

I went to High-End a Year ago with my New Buick Enclave. I had them fit screens into my headrests. They customized the screens right into the headrest. It looked flawless. No Wires hanging out anywhere. I just bought a new car and plan to go directly to High-End. The Owner is very willing to help and the work gets done within a day usually.

Installed a Remote Start…Chris7123

They installed a remote start in my car and did a great job. It works great every morning. Good prices and I was in and out.


Very pleased!…kJxxBawler

After going to several Car Stereo places in and around the city with bad experiences, it was a relief to find a place with such good customer service and quality work. I had them install a more sensitive alarm and stereo system into my Range Rover and I am very very happy with the work! The price was affordable and well worth it.


Great Reliable Service!…TJLHeat44

High End Car Studio is definitly the place to go! I took my two vehicles (BMW M3 and Porsche Cayenne) to them. Both for LCD TVs and remote startups. The whole process took about four hours! They sure know what they’re doing becasue they didn’t seem to break a sweat while they worked. I’m sure I’ll take the new Audi S5 I’m getting over to them!

Much better the the big box stores!…thedoctor345

Prompt service very courteous. Purchased a navagation system. Price was comparable to best buy and circuit city which was must better service and proffesional installation. Nothing like a smaller speciality shop. Highly recomend!

Great Service!…rockineve11

Read a pretty rude review from a previous customer on here. I was recommended by a couple of people that I worked with that were happy with there service. My personal experience here was very good. There prices were reasonable great location and the service was good. I had an alarm installed that no one else wanted to do and said couldn’t get be done. High end did the job and got it done the same day. I had one problem with the alarm system being too sensitive . I called telling them about it they told me to come right down. I came in had it adjusted in 10 minutes and never had any other issues. Very professional and courtious. I would recommend them and use them for all future car stereo business.


The staff was very attentive to my needs. They handled what I needed from start to finish very professionally. Would highly recommend.


Great expereience…highend

Very professional knoledgeble staff. Carried all the products I needed. Very quick service.